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New Beijing Colony

Overview[edit | edit source]

Colony buildings consume various resources depending on the type of colony and buildings present. This adds a non-player pressure to the resource market. The colony also provides bonuses to adjacent Pleasure Domes and bonuses to adjacent advanced player buildings. The number of labor modules will match the number of habitat modules for the colony. For example, 2 habitat modules means there will be 2 offices/warehouses/labs/etc... in a combination based off of the colony type.

As a match progresses, the colony will grow. The number in parentheses next to the colony name is the current population. The example in the image has a population of 5, meaning it will have 5 habitat modules and 5 labor modules.

Colony Growth[edit | edit source]

The colony starts with a population equal to the number of players plus one.

Every hour, there is a (n+1)/96 chance of the colony growing, with n equal to the number of players in the game.

When the colony grows, it adds one population module and one labor module. On Mars, only Habitat modules are available for population modules while Garages are also available on Ceres (60% chance for Habitats, 40% chance for Garages) and Io (40% for Habitats, 60% for Garages).

Colony Types and Labor Modules[edit | edit source]

At the start of a game, the colony beings with labor modules which will all be of the same type, determined by the colony's associated region (see "Starting Labor Module" column below). After the game has begun, when a new labor module is added its type is selected from a list of possible labor modules, also determined by the colony's associated region, with Ceres allowing one additional module type and Io and Mars allowing two (see "Possible Labor Modules" column below). The new labor module is selected randomly from the list, each with the same probability.

Colony Region Starting Labor Module Possible Labor Modules Also Possible On Mars and Io
New US Offices Labs, Offices Warehouses
New EU Labs Warehouses, Labs Machine Shops
New China Warehouses Warehouses, Machine Shops Offices
New Russia Machine Shops Machine Shops, Offices Labs

An easy way to remember what the colony will never consume during the game is: Among the four options (Power, Chemicals, Glass, Electronics), whatever resource consumption the colony starts with, it won't ever consume the resource above it in the resource list. (For power, consider electronics "above" it.)

Building Types[edit | edit source]

Habitat[edit | edit source]

+10% to Pleasure Dome income

  • Consumes -0.08 WaterWater per second.
  • Consumes -0.12 FoodFood per second.
  • Consumes -0.04 OxygenOxygen per second.

Garage[edit | edit source]

+5% bonus to Hacker Array speed, +5% bonus to Offworld Market launch speed

  • Consumes -0.1 PowerPower per second.
  • Consumes -0.1 FuelFuel per second.

Office[edit | edit source]

+10% bonus to Hacker Array speed.

  • Consumes -0.2 PowerPower per second.

Lab[edit | edit source]

+10% bonus to Patent Lab research speed.

Warehouse[edit | edit source]

+10% bonus to Offworld Market launch speed.

  • Consumes -0.2 GlassGlass per second.

Machine Shop[edit | edit source]

+10% bonus to Optimization Center speed.