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Europa is a new location added with The Europa Wager DLC. From the marketing copy: "The smallest of Jupiter’s Galilean moons, Europa presents new challenges - and new opportunities! - for brave space entrepreneurs. Until now, there hasn’t been any colony or business trade on the mostly frozen moon, but you’re here to change that. Establish a colony, provide valuable life support, overcome the cracked landscape, and build your business in a place where no one thought it was possible."

Generally, Europa's terrain differs from Mars by being abundant in Water Ice and allowing the raw extraction of Fuel and Carbon from Methane patches. Its raw resource deposits of Iron, Carbon, and Silicon are typically much lower. Europa is also prone to instability and may contain cracked tiles that slow down construction.

Time[edit | edit source]

Sols on Europa last 84 hours and 20 minutes, compared to 24 hours and 40 minutes on Mars.

Debt Interest[edit | edit source]

Debt is still accrued once every Sol at 0.00 hours.

Day/Night[edit | edit source]

Daylight hours: 13.00-70.00 (57 hours)

This means daylight is available for solar-powered buildings approximately 67% of the total Sol and you should account for 27 hours of building downtime.

Buildings and Terrain[edit | edit source]

Water Ice (Tile)[edit | edit source]

Europa's standard terrain tile is the Water Ice, which allows water extraction from a Solar Condenser.

Methane (Tile)[edit | edit source]

Any building may be constructed on a Methane tile at a 50% reduction in construction speed.

Methane Extractors can only be constructed on a Methane tile.

Methane Extractor (Building)[edit | edit source]

Built on Methane terrain tiles, the Extractor consumes 0.1 Power and produces 0.5 Fuel and 0.5 Carbon.

Gas Plant (Building)[edit | edit source]

Built anywhere, the Gas Plant consumes 0.5 Fuel and produces 1.0 Power.

Generally, Water and Methane are in abundance on Europa, which means Fuel can be processed by multiple means. This additional source of Fuel may make converting it to Power a profitable avenue.

Hydrothermal Plant (Building)[edit | edit source]

Replacing the Geothermal Plant, the Hydrothermal Plant must be constructed on a hydrothermal vent. It produces 2.5 Power and 0.5 Water. Similar to the Geothermal, it has a relatively high construction cost and is limited by available terrain tiles.

Cracks (Tile)[edit | edit source]

A tile can be cracked, which reduces construction time by 33%. Random events can cause previously uncracked tiles to crack.

Cave (Tile)[edit | edit source]

You may build a resource extracting building (e.g. Metal Mine, Elemental Quarry) on a Cave tile to access deposits in any adjacent tile. This impacts one tile in a manner similar to the global effect of the Slant Drilling patent, which is not available on Europa.

Resource Imports[edit | edit source]

Europa tends to be limited in natural deposits of Iron, Carbon, and Silicon, but this can be mitigated as all of these resources are available to import in blocks of 100 units in exchange for variable amounts of Water or Food.

Import prices increase each time an Import Action occurs. An Import Action freezes the player from completing any additional Import Actions for 30 seconds.

Patents[edit | edit source]

New to Europa[edit | edit source]

Perpetual Motion - All building power consumption is reduced 50%.

Perfected Prospecting - Water Pumps, Metal Mines, and Elemental Quarries built on Caves product an extra 0.5 unit of whatever they're extracting.

Other Differences from Mars[edit | edit source]

Replaced Geothermal Borehole with Hydrothermal Borehole

Added Synthetic Meat

Added Liquid Batteries

Removed Slant Drilling (instead, you may add a Cave to a single tile via the Black Market item, Drill)

Black Market[edit | edit source]

New to Europa[edit | edit source]

Drill - Add a Cave to any tile, which allows you to mine resources from adjacent tiles.