Offworld Trading Company Wiki


Key Action
W A S D or ↑ ← ↓ → Move camera
Z Hide buildings
X Show building revenue
` Toggle between resource availability display and price display
HOME Cycle through own HQs
TAB Cycle through HQs
C Claim tile
B Bid on auction
SHIFT + A Skip auction
SHIFT + RETURN Chat [All Players]
F1 Show post game screen
Ctrl + G Toggle grid
Ctrl + T Show shipment paths
1, 2, 3, 4,.. Switch between player views (Observer Mode only)


Key Action
E Expansive HQ
R Robotic HQ
T Scavenger HQ
Y Scientific HQ
F Greenhouse Farm
M Metal Mine
T Steel Mill
P Water Pump
I Solar Condenser
Q Elemental Quarry
E Electronics Factory
R Electrolysis Reactor
G Glass Kiln
L Chemical Refinery
SHIFT + S Solar Panel
SHIFT + W Wind Turbine
SHIFT + G Geothermal Plant
SHIFT + D Pleasure Dome
SHIFT + P Patent Lab
SHIFT + E Optimization Center
SHIFT + H Hacker Array
SHIFT + O Offworld Market
Hold SHIFT (while building) construct several buildings of same type


Key Action
BACKSPACE Delete selected building
SHIFT + BACKSPACE Delete all buildings of selected type
CTRL + click Turn on/off
SHIFT + CTRL + click Turn on/off all buildings of same type
ALT + click Ship resources from selected building
SHIFT + ALT + click Ship resources from all buildings of same type

Resource Market[]

Key Action
CTRL + buy/sell Buy/Sell 1
SHIFT + buy/sell Buy/Sell 100
ALT + sell Sell all
CTRL + SHIFT + sell Turn on/off autosell
CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN Sell all resources
, Select resource (up)
. Select resource (down)
Ctrl + ' Buy 1 selected resource
' Buy 10 selected resource
Shift + ' Buy 100 selected resource
Ctrl + ; Sell 1 selected resource
; Sell 10 selected resource
Shift + ; Sell 100 selected resource
CTRL + SHIFT + ; Turn on/off autosell for selected resource

Stock Market[]

Key Action
CTRL + click Sell shares
SHIFT + click Buy all remaining shares