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Io is an alternate location available through Jupiter's Forge DLC.

Differences from Mars[edit | edit source]

Removed Buildings[edit | edit source]

Wind turbines

Added Buildings[edit | edit source]

Nuclear Plant - converts 0.25 Water and 0.5 Uranium into 1.5 Power (also present on Ceres)

Water Processor - converts 0.5 Oxygen & 1 Fuel into 0.25 Power & 1 Water. Costs 20 Aluminum and X of your primary building resource to build

Ion Collector - collects Fuel 0.9 (lowest elevation) - 1.1 /s (highest elevation). Can be placed anywhere. Costs 20 Aluminum and 80 Carbon to build

Basalt Platforms - collects 0.5 Uranium, 1 Iron, 0.5 Silicon and consumes 0.2 Power. Must be placed on Basalt Lake (looks like lava). Costs 5 Electronics plus some of your primary resource to build.

Altered Buildings[edit | edit source]

Solar Condensers collect Oxygen 0.5 /s on Oxide Ice tiles

Offworld Markets become Space Elevators (functionally pretty similar)

Removed Patents[edit | edit source]

Water Engine, Cold Fusion, Energy Vault, Carbon Scrubbing, Teleportation

Added Patents[edit | edit source]

Transparent Aluminium - use Aluminum instead of Glass

Nuclear Engine - use Uranium instead of Fuel for transport and launches

Geothermal Borehole - can build anything on a Geothermal Vent, any building on or adjacent produces 0.2 power (and consumes none)

Synthetic Meat - Farms count as boosted - like Adrenalin Boost, including faster build time

Liquid Batteries -Solar Panels and Condensers work at night

Added Resources[edit | edit source]


New Terrain[edit | edit source]

Caves - give slant drilling to that tile

Oxide Ice - can collect Oxygen with a Solar Condenser

Time[edit | edit source]

A day on Io is 42 hours and 30 minutes.
Daylight hours: 08:00 to 36:00 or 28hrs or ~66%

Diminishing Resources[edit | edit source]

Resource deposits will now diminish when 500 units of that resource is extracted from them, including from Slant Drilling. Each time a resource diminishes it will be reduced by one level (i.e. from High to Medium), but will never diminish below Low.

Very High Resources[edit | edit source]

A stack of 4 cubes indicates a Very High, which provides 2.5 /s of that resource.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The difficulty in obtaining Water can lead to expensive Food (and consequently life support can cause debt issues). Ease of obtaining Fuel kind of balances the absence of Water Engine and Teleportation.