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Patent Lab
Patent Lab
Allows you to gain high tech patents that give you a serious edge over your competitors.

Requires level 2 HQ
Steel Steel 60/60
Electronics Electronics 20/20


The Patent Lab is an advanced building.


The Patent Lab is used to research high tech patents. Each lab is able to research one patent at a time. A patent can't be licensed if an opponent has already taken it, with the only exception of the Elite who are able to license a patent from another player.

Patent Cost Time (s) Description
Geothermal Borehole Chemicals Chemicals x40 40 Buildings on or adjacent to a Geothermal source produce +0.2 power and don't consume it.
Energy Vault Chemicals Chemicals x40 40 +100 Power stockpile (refills +2/s when consuming power).
Financial Instruments Chemicals Chemicals x40 40 Receive 25% cut from rivals' debt interest.
Water Engine Chemicals Chemicals x40 40 Units and Offworld Markets are powered with Water.
Perpetual Motion Chemicals Chemicals x40 40 -50% power consumption.
Cold Fusion Chemicals Chemicals x40 40 Buildings are powered with Water.
Nuclear Engine Chemicals Chemicals x40 40 Units and Offworld Markets are powered with Uranium.
Superconductor Chemicals Chemicals x60 60 +100% power production when connected to HQ.
Transparent Aluminum Chemicals Chemicals x60 60 Build with Aluminum instead of Glass.
Virtual Reality Chemicals Chemicals x60 60 +50% profit from Pleasure Dome.
Nanotech Chemicals Chemicals x60 60 Recycles construction resources when scrapping buildings.
Liquid Batteries Chemicals Chemicals x80 80 Solar Condensers and Solar Panels are always on.
Synthetic Meat Chemicals Chemicals x80 80 Greenhouse Farm is permanently boosted.
Carbon Scrubbing Chemicals Chemicals x80 80 Buildings which need Carbon collect it from the atmosphere.
Slant Drilling Chemicals Chemicals x80 80 Can mine in adjacent tiles.
Thinking Machines Chemicals Chemicals x80 80 -50% sabotage damage for buildings one tile away from your HQ.
Teleportation Chemicals Chemicals x80 80 Can teleport resources.