Offworld Trading Company Wiki

Resources are the foundation of gameplay in Offworld Trading Company. They are produced through and used by buildings. Players can harvest, buy, and sell resources.

Resource levels[]

Level Terrain Symbol Production (sec)
High 3 stacked colored cubes 2
Medium 2 stacked colored cubes 1.5
Low 1 colored cube 1
Trace 1 colored square 0.25

Types of resources[]

Raw resources[]

Resource tiles[]

While not a resource themselves, resource tiles allow for the production of raw resources when a Solar Condenser is placed on them.

  • Dry Ice Tile
  • Water Tile

Or a Geothermal Plant:

  • Geothermal Vent Tile

Or on Io, a Basalt Platform may be placed on Basalt to extract Iron Iron, Silicon Silicon, and Uranium Uranium.

Manufactured resources[]