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Resources are the foundation of gameplay in Offworld Trading Company. They are produced through and used by buildings. Players can harvest, buy, and sell resources.

Resource levels[edit | edit source]

Level Terrain Symbol Production (sec)
High 3 stacked colored cubes 2
Medium 2 stacked colored cubes 1.5
Low 1 colored cube 1
Trace 1 colored square 0.25

Types of resources[edit | edit source]

Raw resources[edit | edit source]

Resource tiles[edit | edit source]

While not a resource themselves, resource tiles allow for the production of raw resources when a Solar Condenser is placed on them.

  • Dry Ice Tile
  • Water Tile

Or a Geothermal Plant:

  • Geothermal Vent Tile

Or on Io, a Basalt Platform may be placed on Basalt to extract Iron Iron, Silicon Silicon, and Uranium Uranium.

Manufactured resources[edit | edit source]